About VDS

Willem (born and raised in Machelen) and José (originating from Turnhout) met each other at a prom in Machelen. After a few dates the spark hit on at Diegem fair. José decided to leave her hometown Turnhout to be closer to her big love. The couple got married in 1952 and in 1955 José gave birth to their only child, a baby boy called William.

During 10 years Willem was working at brewer Melin in Vilvoorde but, due to circumstances, he had to quit this job. He found himself a new one at Shell. José went working in a lacefactory called Marcelis in Machelen. The brewer virus got Willem very strong and in the back of his head he kept on dreaming about this job.

In 1967, during one of his rounds for Shell, het met a representative of the brewery of Haacht. He tolled this man about his dream. By co-incidence they just had a free place to take over rounds from another brewer in Haren. The only disadvantage was that this had to be done on an independent base.

José decided to quit her job so Willem could finally go for his dream. Willem kept his work at Shell, the rounds they did together before or after his work. José, who had never driven a car before, went to the community house for her drivers license C and the adventure could start… The stock was kept in a garage in the Melkstraat.

During their first rounds we talk about a delivery of 10 crates over 2 weeks. The first clients were individuals were they brought the drinks at home. The business was growing quickly and after 2 years, in 1969, Willem decided to quit his job at Shell too. They took over more clients from another brewer. Due to this expansion they were obliged to search for a bigger place to keep there stock. They found this in Diegem. Unfortunately they had to leave this building due to expropriation whereafter they moved to their current building in the Melkstraat.

truckDuring his teenage years son William helped his parents in his free hours and holidays. At the age of 18 he decided to quit school and started working in the family business, he also was caught by the brewers virus. William had found the love of his life, Chris who was originating from Etterbeek. After 6 months of courtship she was presented to José and Willem who embraced her in the family at first sight.  More, when William had to perform military duty in 1974, Chris joined the company and went on the road with José. William and Chris got married in May 1975 and there son Jurgen was born in October of that year.

When William finished his military duty he took over the rounds of his mother José. At that moment they had as well individual clients as companies in there customer files. With dribs and drabs they also found their way to the pubs to deliver their products.  The customer file was growing and they were not able anymore to do everything by their own, they were obliged to take some people in service.

At the beginning of the 90’s José and Willem decided to retire. William and Chris took over the business but as long as José and Willem were physical able to help they continued working on the background. It were the years were everything got optimized and the computer did his entrance.  It were very busy years were Chris and William were on the road during the days and the evenings were used to put in order their administration.

Grandson Jurgen, raised in a brewersfamily, got more and more interested for the brewerjob.  The big stockroom which was, as a young kid, his favourite playground were he drove hours with his go-cart, got his attention.

As from the age of 12 he helped his parents during his holidays and free time. After a career in telecom he decided to get in to the business in 2006. In 2008 he became the managing director. Since Jurgen is on top there has been a big growth of the customer file.  Jurgen choose an all-round approach which is more focused on pubs an expanded the range completely. At this moment VDS drinks offers a big choice in beers, soda, wines and liquor. We are here for as well individuals, companies and pubs.

Our current building in the Melkstraat is becoming too small that’s why we can tell you, with proud, that we will move to our completely new building in Melsbroek in the summer of 2017. Also in 2017 we will celebrate our 50th anniversary.