Softdrinks and waters

No pub without beer but also not without softdrinks…

A soft drink is a drink that typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener, and a natural or artificial flavoring. The sweetener may be sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, sugar substitutes or some combination of these. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, colorings, preservatives, and other ingredients.

Fruit juice, tea, and other such non-alcoholic beverages are technically soft drinks by this definition but are not generally referred to as such.

Soft drinks are mixed with other ingredients in several contexts. In bars and other places where alcohol is served many mixed drinks are made by blending a soft drink with liquor and serving the drink over ice.

Mineral water is water from a mineral spring that contains various minerals, such as salts and sulfur compounds. Mineral water may be effervescent (i.e., “sparkling”) due to contained gases.

Traditionally, mineral waters were used or consumed at their spring sources, often referred to as “taking the waters” or “taking the cure,” at places such as spas, baths, or wells. The term spa was used for a place where the water was consumed and bathed in; bath where the water was used primarily for bathing, therapeutics, or recreation; and well where the water was to be consumed.

Today, it is far more common for mineral water to be bottled at the source for distributed consumption. Travelling to the mineral water site for direct access to the water is now uncommon, and in many cases not possible because of exclusive commercial ownership rights.

Almdudler 24x20cl
Appeltiser 24x20cl
Canada dry 24x25cl
Coca cola 24x20cl
Coca cola 6x1l
Coca cola life 24x20cl
Coca cola light 24x20cl
Coca cola light 6x1l
Coca cola light lemon 24x20cl
Coca cola zero 24x20cl
Coca cola zero 6x1l
Fanta lemon 24x20cl
Fanta orange 24x20cl
Fanta orange 6x1l
Fever tree bitter lemon 24x20cl
Fever tree elderflower 24x20cl
Fever tree ginger ale 24x20cl
Fever tree ginger beer 24x20cl
Fever tree Mediterranean 24x20cl
Fever tree sicilian lemon 24x20cl
Fever tree tonic water 24x20cl
Gini 24x20cl
Gini passion 24x20cl
Goldberg tonic 24x20cl
Lipton ice tea 24x25cl
Lipton ice tea peche 24x25cl
Nestea 24x20cl
Nordic mist tonic 24x20cl
Oasis tropical 24x20cl
Orangina 24x25cl
ordal lemon groen 6x1l
Ordal orange 6x1l
Pepsi 24x20cl
Pepsi 12X1l
Pepsi Max 24x20cl
Pepsi Max 12X1l
San Pelligrino aranciata 24x20cl
Schweppes agrumes 24x20cl
Schweppes agrumes  zero 24x20cl
Schweppes premium lavander 24x20cl
Schweppes tonic 24x20cl
Schweppes tonic zero 24x20cl
Schweppes premium ginger cardamon 24x20cl
Schweppes pink pepper 24x20cl
Spa citron 6x1l
Spa orange 6x1l
Sprite 24x20cl
Sprite 6x1l
Thomas Henri tonic water 24x20cl
Thomas Henri tonic elderflower 24x20cl
Thomas Henri cherry blosso 24x20cl
Tonisteiner citroen 20x25cl
Tonisteiner citroen 12X75cl
Tonisteiner orange 20x25cl
Tonisteiner orange 12X75cl
Tonisteiner vruchtenkorf 20x25cl
Tonisteiner vruchtenkorf 12X75cl
Val agrumes 24x20cl
Val bitter lemon 24x20cl
Val lime 24x20cl
Val lime 12X1l
Val o’free 24x20cl
Val orange 24x20cl
Val orange 12X1l
Val tea 24x20cl
Val tonic 24x20cl
Coca cola 24X25cl
Coca cola 24x50cl
Coca cola 6×1,5l
Coca cola life 24x50cl
Coca cola light 24X25cl
Coca cola light 24x50cl
Coca cola light 6×1,5l
Coca cola light lemon 24x50cl
Coca cola zero 24X25cl
Coca cola zero 24x50cl
Coca cola zero 6×1,5l
Fanta lemon 24x50cl
Fanta orange 24X25cl
Fanta orange 24x50cl
Fanta orange 4X1,5l
Gini 6×1,5l
Ice tea bos berries 24x25cl
ice tea peach bos 24x25cl
ice tea bos lemon sparkling 24x25cl
Lipton ice tea 24x50cl
Lipton ice tea 6×1,5l
Lipton ice tea peche 24x50cl
Lipton ice tea peche 6×1,5l
Lipton ice tea zero 24x50cl
Nestea 24x50cl
Pepsi 24x50cl
Pepsi 6×1,5l
Pepsi max 24x50cl
Pepsi max 6×1,5l
Schweppes agrumes 24x50cl
Schweppes tonic zero 6×1,25l
Sprite 24x50cl
Sprite 4X1,5l
Sprite zero 24x50cl
Sprite zero 4X1,5l
Almdudler 24x33cl
Coca cola 24x15cl
Coca cola 24x33cl
Coca cola deca 24x33cl
Coca cola life 24x33cl
Coca cola light 24x33cl
Coca cola light deca 24x33cl
Coca cola light lemon 24x33cl
Coca cola zero 24x33cl
Coca cola zero deca 24x33cl
Fanta lemon 24x33cl
Fanta orange 24x33cl
Fanta orange zero 24x33cl
Finley blood orange 24x20cl
Finley elderflower 24x20cl
Gini 24x33cl
Gini zero 24x33cl
Lipton ice tea 24x33cl
Lipton ice tea zero 24x33cl
Lipton ice tea green 24x33cl
Lipton ice tea peche 24x33cl
Orangina 24x33cl
Pepsi 24x33cl
Pepsi max 24x33cl
Pepsi max cool lemon 24x33cl
Spa lemon cactus 24x33cl
Spa citroen 24x33cl
Schweppes agrumes 24x33cl
Schweppes agrumes zero 24x33cl
Seven-up 24x33cl
Sprite 24x33cl
Sprite zero 24x33cl
Tonisteiner citroen 24x33cl
Tonisteiner orange 24x33cl
Val tea 24x33cl
Val orange 10l
Val lime 10l
Val tea 10l
Pepsi 20l
Pepsi max 10l
Val orange 18l
Val lime 18l
Pepsi 18l
Pepsi max 18l
Bru 24x20cl
Bru 12x50cl
Bru 12x1l
Bru niet bruisend 24x20cl
Bru niet bruisend 12x50cl
Bru pet 6×1,25l
Bru pet 24x50cl
Chaudfontaine cristal 12x1l
Chaudfontaine cristal 24x50cl
Chaudfontaine cristal 24x20cl
Chaudfontaine cristal pet 24x33cl
Chaudfontaine cristal pet 24x50cl
Chaudfontaine thermale 12x1l
Chaudfontaine thermale 24x20cl
Chaudfontaine thermale 24x50cl
Chaudfontaine thermale pet 24x50cl
Ordal natuur 12x1l
Ordal spuitwater 12x1l
Spa barisart pet 6×1,5l
spa citroen blik 24x33cl
Spa intense 12x1l
Spa intense 28x25cl
Spa intense can 24x33cl
Spa intense pet 24x50cl
Spa lemon/cactus blik 24x33cl
Spa Marie-Henriette pet 24x50cl
Spa reine 12x50cl
Spa reine 12x1l
Spa reine 6x1l
Spa reine 28x25cl
Spa reine pet 24x50cl
Spa reine pet 24x33cl
Spa reine pet 6x1l
Spa reine pet 12×1,5l
Val bruis gastronomisch 12x75cl
Val natuur 12x1l
Val natuur 24x25cl
Val natuur gastronomisch 12x75cl
Val spuitwater 12x1l
Val spuitwater 24x25cl
Contrex pet 6×1.5l
Cristaline pet 24x50cl
Evian 12x1l
Evian pet 30x50cl
Evian pet 6×1.5l
Gerolsteiner sprüdel 24x25cl
Gerolteiner sprudel 24x25cl
Hepar pet 6x1l
Panna 24x25cl
Panna 20x50cl
Panna 12x1l
Perrier 28x25cl
San Pelligrino 24x25cl
San Pelligrino 20x50cl
San Pelligrino 12x1l
San Pelligrino pet 24x50cl
Tonissteiner agrumes 12x75cl
Tonissteiner citron fit 20x25cl
Tonissteiner citron fit 12x75cl
Tonissteiner früchtekorb 12x75cl
Tonissteiner früchtekorb 20x25cl
Tonissteiner medium 12x75cl
Tonissteiner naranja 12x75cl
Tonissteiner orange fit 20x25cl
Tonissteiner orange fit 12x75cl
Tonissteiner sprüdel 12x75cl
Valvert pet 6×1.5l
Vichy 12x1l
Vichy pet 6x125l
Vittel 24x25cl
Vittel 12x1l
Vittel pet 6×1.5l
Vittel pet 12×1.5l
Vittel Sport pet 6x75cl
Looza aardbei mix 24x20cl
Looza abrikoos 24x20cl
Looza ace green 24x20cl
Looza ace original 24x20cl
Looza ace red 24x20cl
Looza ananas 24x20cl
Looza appel 24x20cl
looza appel-kers 24x20cl
Looza banaan 24x20cl
Looza mango 24x20cl
Looza melo delight 24x20cl
Looza orange 24x20cl
Looza orange 6x1l
Looza passievrucht 24x20cl
Looza perzik 24x20cl
Looza pompelmoes 24x20cl
Looza rode druif 24x20cl
Looza roze pompelmoes 24x20cl
Looza strawberry 24x20cl
Looza tomaat 24x20cl
Minute maid ace 24x20cl
Minute maid ananas 24x20cl
Minute maid appel 24x20cl
Minute maid appel-kers 24x20cl
Minute maid multi 24x20cl
Minute maid orange 24x20cl
Minute maid pompelmoes 24x20cl
Minute maid roze pompelmoes 24x20cl
Minute maid tomaat 24x20cl
Minute maid tropical 24x20cl
Oxfam fair trade orange 24x20cl
Oxfam fair trade orange 6x1l
Oxfam fair trade tropical 24x20cl
Oxfam fair trade tropical 6x1l
Weldenhof appel-kriek 6x1l
Weldenhof roze pompelmoes 6x1l
Big tom tomato 24x25cl
Minute maid appel 24X33cl
Minute maid appel tetra 32x20cl
Minute maid multi 24X33cl
Minute maid orange 24X33cl
Minute maid orange tetra 32x20cl
Valencia appel tetra 12x1l
Valencia orange tetra 12x1l
Minute maid appel 24x33cl
Minute maid orange 24x33cl
AA high energy 24x33cl
AA iso lemon 24x33cl
AA isotone 24x33cl
AA pro energy 24x33cl
Aquarius blueberry 24x50cl
Aquarius green splash 24x50cl
Aquarius lemon 24x50cl
Aquarius lemon zero 24x50cl
Aquarius orange 24x50cl
Aquarius red peach 24x50cl
Monster rood 24x50cl
Monster groen 24x50cl
Tao health & energy 24x25cl
Tao welness & serenety 24x25cl
Aquarius lemon 24x33cl
Aquarius orange 24x33cl
Aquarius pompelmoes 24x33cl
Aquarius red peach 24x33cl
Aquarius zero 24x33cl
Burn 24x25cl
Nalu 24x25cl
Red bull 24x25cl
Red bull sugar free 24x25cl
Tao youth & vitality 24x25cl
Tao hydration & motion 24x25cl
Val sport 24x33cl