Belgium is traditionally known for his big diversity of beer species in compare with other countries. The roots of the Belgian beer brewing goes back to the middle-age. The wealth of the Belgian beers is international commended by renowned beer experts.

The big diversity off beers in Belgium is coupled with a rich local beer culture, something were most Belgians are very proud off. Belgium has countless pubs where you can taste a big amount of beers from the bottle or tapped by crane. For an optimal taste, each beer needs to be served at his ideal temperature and with the correct height of foam collar. Each beer is served in his own specific glass, a rule which is rarely deviated.

In our stock you can find Belgian beers, beers with fruit, local beers and foreign beers.

Adler 20l
Bel Pils 50l
Brugs Tarwebier 20l
Cristal Alken 50l
Gildenbier 30l
Guinness Vat 30l
Hoegaarden wit 30l
Hoegaarden Rose 20l
Jupiler Perfect Draft 6l
Jupiler 20l
Jupiler 30l
Jupiler 50l
Keizer Karel Rood 15l
Keizer Karel Blond 15l
Leffe Blond Perfect Draft 6l
Leffe Blond Perfect Draft 6l
Leffe Blond 20l
Leffe Blond 30l
Leffe Bruin 20l
Leffe Bruin 30l
Maes Pils 30l
Maes Pils 50l
Maredsous 10° Tripel 20l
Mort Subite Kriek 20l
Mystic Krieken 20l
Mystic White 20l
Palm 20l
Primus 30l
Primus 50l
Primus Tankbier  
Stella Artois 50l
Tongerlo Blond 20l
Tongerlo Bruin 20l
Volga 30l


Adler 24x25cl
Brugs Tarwebier 24x25cl
Carlsberg 24x25cl
Erdinger 20X50cl
Export 24x33cl
Gildenbier 24x25cl
Hoegaarden Wit 24x25cl
Jupiler 24x25cl
Jupiler 24x33cl
Jupiler Blue 24x25cl
Maes Pils 24x25cl
Mystic White 24x25cl
Palm 24x25cl
Palm Hop Select 24X33cl
Palm Royale 24X33cl
Primus 24x25cl
Rodenbach 24x25cl
Speciale 1900 24x25cl
Stella Artois 24x25cl
Vedett 24x33cl
Vedett Ipa 24x33cl
Vedett White 24x33cl
Vieux-Temps 24x25cl
Volga 24x25cl
Boon Geuze 12×37.5cl
Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait 12×37.5cl
Boon Kriek 24x25cl
Boon Kriek 12×37.5cl
Hoegaarden Rose 24x25cl
Liefmans Fruitbier 24x25cl
Lindemans Appel 24x25cl
Lindemans Cuvee Renee 12×37.5cl
Lindemans Framboos 24x25cl
Lindemans Geuze 24x25cl
Lindemans Kriek 24x25cl
Lindemans Kriek 12×37.5cl
Lindemans Pecheresse 24x25cl
Maes Radler Citroen 24x25cl
Maes Radler Pompelmoes 24x25cl
Mort Subite Geuze 24x25cl
Mort Subite Kriek Lambic 24x25cl
Mystic Krieken 24x25cl
Mystic Perzik 24x25cl
Mystic Radler 24x25cl
Rodenbach 24x25cl
Rodenbach Grand Cru 24x33cl
Timmermans Geuze 12×37.5cl
Timmermans Kriek 12×37.5cl


Afliggem blond 24x33cl
Afliggem donker 24x33cl
Afliggem tripel 24x33cl
Barbar Blond 24x33cl
Bass Pale Ale 24x25cl
Brugse Tripel 24x33cl
Brugse witte 24x25cl
Brugse zot blond 24x33cl
Chimay Blauw 9° 24x33cl
Chimay Rood 7° 24x33cl
Chimay Wit 8° 24x33cl
Ciney Blond 24x25cl
Ciney Bruin 24x25cl
Cornet 24x33cl
Corsendonk Agnus 24x33cl
Desperados 24x33cl
Desperados Red 24x33cl
Desperados Verde 24x33cl
Deugniet 24x33cl
Duvel 24x33cl
Duvel Magnum Fles 1×1.5L
Erdinger Weissbier 20x50cl
Ginder-Ale 24x25cl
Gordon Finest Gold 24x33cl
Gordon Schotch 24x33cl
Gordon X-Mass 24x33cl
Gouden Carolus Classic 24x33cl
Gouden Carolus Tripel 24x33cl
Gouden Carolus Triple 24x33cl
Grimbergen Blond 24x33cl
Grimbergen Bruin 24x33cl
Guinnes 24x33cl
Hapkin 24x33cl
Hoegaarden Grand Cru 24x33cl
Hoegaarden Julius 24x33cl
Hommelbier 24x25cl
Hopus 24x33cl
Julius 24x33cl
Karmeliet Tripel 24x33cl
Kasteelbier Blond 24x33cl
Kasteelbier Bruin 24x33cl
Kasteelbier Rood 24x33cl
Kasteelbier Triple 24x33cl
Keizer Karel Blond 12x75cl
Keizer Karel Blond 24x33cl
Keizer Karel Rood 24x33cl
Keizer Karel Rood 24x33cl
Kwaremont 24x33cl
La Chouffe 24x33cl
La Trappe Isidor 24x33cl
Leffe Blond 24x33cl
Leffe Bruin 24x33cl
Leffe Kerst 24x33cl
Leffe Royale 24x33cl
Leffe Tripel 24x33cl
Maneblusser 24x33cl
Martin ‘S Pale Ale 24x33cl
Mc Chouffe 24x33cl
Moeder Overste Tripel 24x33cl
Ommegang 24x33cl
Ommegang 12x75cl
0mer 24x33cl
Orval 24x33cl
Pale Ale Bass 24x25cl
Pale Ale John Martin 24x33cl
Pale Ale Whitbread 24x25cl
Rammee Blond 24x33cl
Rochefort 10° 24x33cl
Rochefort 8° 24x33cl
Schotch Finest Gold 24x33cl
Sint-Bernardus Abt 12° 24x33cl
Straffe Hendrik Quadruppel 24x33cl
Tongerlo Blond 24x33cl
Tongerlo Bruin 24x33cl
Tongerlo Prior 24x33cl
Tongerlo Prior 12x75cl
Vicaris Tripel 24x33cl
Vicaris Triple 24x33cl
Waterloo 24x33cl
Westmalle Tripel 24x33cl
WestmalleDubbel 24x33cl
Whitbread Pale Ale 24x25cl
Wieze Tripel 24x33cl
Wild Jo 24x33cl
Wolf 24x33cl


Blond Haacht 24x33cl
Blond Haacht 12x75cl
Maltosa Haacht 24x33cl
Maltosa Haacht 12x75cl
Piedboeuf Blond 12x75cl
Piedboeuf Bruin 12x75cl


Jupiler NA 24x25cl
Palm Green 24x25cl
Star Blond 24x25cl


Corona Extra O.W. 24×35,5cl
Cubanisto O.W. 24x33cl
Desperados 24x33cl
Desperados O.W. 24x33cl
Heineken O.W. 24x25cl
Jupiler 24x33cl
Jupiler NA 24x33cl
Maes Pils 24x33cl
Peroni O.W. 24x33cl
Primus 24x33cl
Somersby 24x33cl
Stella Artois 24x33cl
Volga Forte O.W. 24x33cl
Volga La Rouge O.W. 24x33cl